Facial Threading

Our specialists here at Namita’s Eyebrow Threading Salon are trained to properly shape eyebrows and can even handle the unwanted hair around the lip or your chin. After your eyebrow threading, we use oils and lotions to help the skin exfoliate and stay smooth. Here at Namita’s Eyebrow Threading Salon, we provide quality and diverse excellent hair removal service for all of your beauty needs. We understand that unwanted hair is an eyesore, which is why we provide meticulous facial threading services.

Our treatment services such as our chin threading are fast and affordable. Threading is gentle and careful so that you can have an ideally pain free experience when you come to us for any of your beauty lounge needs. Whether you are getting your upper lip threading done or need a brow tint, one of our friendly employees will provide you with the best care.

Call Namita’s Eyebrow Threading Salon in Santa Monica, CA for more information about our threading salon services.